Chrissy's and Owen's Page

Chrissy and Owen both go to Saint Mary Magdalen School in Everett. Chrissy is in the third grade and plays both indoor and outdoor soccer. When she isn't playing soccer she is on the swim team at the "Y". She also likes to ride her bike, inline skate and draw. She stayed with her Aunt Bette this summer and learned to ride a skateboard.

Owen is in Pre-K and is really enjoying school. His classroom is really decorated brightly. Owen likes anything that has to do with cars and likes to do any sport that has to do with balls. He also rides his bike. He drew this beautiful picture of a bird. The pictures below of Owen on the pony were taken in the Spring of 1999.

Chrissy and Owen have a new dog, Sasha. They went to Portland to pick up Sasha. She is one year old and is a black Labrador. When they were in Portland they all went to the Lucky Lab Brew Pub for lunch to celebrate getting Sasha. It seemed real appropriate. Sasha is settling in with the family and Chrissy's black kitty, Archie.

This is Owen's picture of a bird.

Some Photographs

Chrissy's third grade picture
Owen's Pre-K picture
Chrissy's First Communion
Chrissy and Owen
Owen on the pony "Bambi"
Owen the cowboy!
The family (and friend Gina) with Sasha

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